The Food Economy Group (FEG) has specialist expertise in food security and policy analysis. We are the world’s leading expert in Household Economy Analysis, with extensive experience in pastoral, agricultural, fisher and urban communities, throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Clients operating in humanitarian crisis and development contexts use our services to develop an evidence base in the use of:

  • program design
  • targeting
  • early warning of famine and food insecurity
  • resilience measurement
  • impact evaluation
  • graduation modelling of social protection programs

The Save the Children movement operates in 117 countries around the world, providing unique care and attention to children based on their specific needs.
Whether vaccinating children in remote regionsproviding antibiotics for pneumonia treatment, setting up learning centres after disasters, or working to bring British children home from Syria, we do all we can to support them.
In 2020, we provided medical supplies, helping thousands of households with access to clean water and soap and worked with 2.9m children on access to distance learning, as COVID-19 turned lives upside down.



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